Friday, March 16, 2007

Josie's 2 Year Checkup

We're starting the countdown to Josie's birthday, which is on Sunday. For all you Josie fans - you'll pleased to learn that she is in excellent health. Also, she is current with all her shots so we didn't need to get any today!

Here are the stats:
Height: 33.5 inches (45th percentile)
Weight: 26lbs. 4oz. (50th percentile)
Head: 46 cm (20th percentile - but on the curve)
20+ Teeth

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Josie is adored by her nurse practitioner, Laura. Laura is very well versed on international adoption so she is always quick to remind me that the American height and weight charts are much different than the ones for Chinese kids. Either way, she is thrilled, just as we are, that Josie has been so healthy. No ear infections, no doctors visits in 6 months! Our little Spice girl is just growing and thriving and for that we are just so thankful!

In other new, this weekend is a busy one. Tomorrow, Maddie has a performance with her Youth Symphony. It's called "Symphony & Tea". I'm hoping to get better photos than I did last time, maybe even some video. We are so proud of Maddie - she's first chair, Cello. Sometimes, she really hates the cello. But, we all get a lot of joy from hearing that beautiful music in the house - and on the stage!

On Sunday, we are attending an Open House for the new Catholic High School that opened last year. (GULP!) Maddie will have to select and apply to high schools in the fall, so this is a big step for all of us! And, in closing, here's some food for thought... The year that we send Maddie off to college is the year that Josie will be entering 1st. Grade. Sobering thought, I know.

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