Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting Back to the Routine

Well, we're settling back in to our normal routine here. The cruise was great! Maddie was extremely upset when school opened up 2 hours late on Monday - as opposed to being closed completely. It seems there was a Math test she was not at all prepared for. Who can blame her? Would you study Math with swaying palm trees in your line of vision?!

First order of business was to get all the laundry done. Check. Second order of business was to get Josie reacquainted with all her cartoon homeboys and homegirls. You know the crowd - Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, Curious George, Dora, Diego and Noddy. Then, she HAD to visit with each and every one of her toys, books, and Playdoh containers. I'm happy to say that she is back to her old schedule of breakfast, some TV, a snack, torturing the dogs, playing with her toys and wrecking the house.

James was working while we were on the cruise and continued less than an hour after our arrival home. His main concern was that I immediately mail in our tainted Peter Pan Peanut Butter lids for reimbursement from Conagra Foods. Yes, we did have the tainted peanut butter, but we all ate from the jars and suffered no ill effects. Still, better safe than sorry. I'm just not that sure that the extra $5.00 in refund money is worth the push at this time. But you know the saying, "When daddy's happy..."

The most disturbing thing that occured in our absence was that Carson (a.k.a. Bubba) apparently refused to eat while at the kennel. He really is a Mommy's boy, but I was surprised by how hard he took the separation. He came back to us as nothing but skin and bones. I weighed him this morning and he lost 2.5 pounds in one week! For a dog his size, that's a lot of weight. It broke my heart to see him.

We had planned to pick up both dogs on Sunday (the kennel only opens from 6PM-8PM for pick-ups) but we were hit with an ice storm, the kennel lost power, and the RT 1 (the main route to the kennel) was closed down because of fallen power lines. The dogs were fed, but that's about it. When Josie & I arrived to pick them up on Monday morning, they had not been bathed. The staff asked if I wanted to wait. Absolutely not! Give me my babies now! Casey, as has been the case in the past, has no voice. Apparently, she had barked herself out by Wednesday. She just has a pathetic croak escaping from her mouth at this point. She did not suffer from an eating disorder in our absence so she is still in fighting shape.

After getting everyone settled back in, bathing dogs, doing laundry and grocery shopping, I finally got some time to check in on my computer. I just had to check in on the kids sites that I follow (listed on the right). Blog withdraw is an ugly thing.

I was very amused by Mary-Mia's account of damage inflicted by Hurricane Hubei (a.k.a her twins, Rose & Marie!). That same Chinese hurricane must have spun clear across the country and hit here in Virginia! I'll offer the following photo as proof of the chaos created by our own Hubei honey:

Even with all the mess, it's great to be home!

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Susan Stevenson said...

I also had the tainted peanut butter and managed to eat 2/3rds of the container before the recall hit the news. No ill effects here either. I'm not going to bother mailing my lid in at this point. I wish the commissary was doing an even swap with 'good' stuff. It would be much easier that way.