Thursday, February 8, 2007

Feeling Yukky

Josie started to sniffle last Friday and since then has had a wicked cold. While she has remained her usual, adorable self - it's been a terrible time. How does one get a 22 month old to blow her nose? She literally grunts in frustration while rubbing her runny nose. It's like one big "ARGGGG".

I feel just terrible for her! I've been giving her a decongestant prescribed by her doctor, but I'm not thrilled with how groggy it makes her. I do have saline drops for her nose, but I'm unsure of how to use them. Josie was less than thrilled with my first attempt!

She's snoring like a lumberjack and having a tough time with her bottle. Hard to drink when your nose is all stuffed up! Her appetite is off as well. Guess you don't want to eat when you can't taste anything.

Anyway, let's hope our little firecracker is back to her normal self soon.

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