Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Act of Mercy

Back in October 2006, I got "roped into" a job that I really didn't want. I am the Team Leader for Confirmation Group 15 of our church. Maddie will be making her Confirmation in the Spring of 2008 - so that just let's you know the duration of the job. A year and a half. Basically, I plan and help execute 3 Spiritual Works of Mercy and 3 Corporal Acts of Mercy with a group of 9 soon-to-be teenagers.

Like I said, I didn't really want the job. With a new toddler in the house I was barely able to keep my head above water with making dinner, cleaning the house, and other Mom duties. But yesterday, the kids performed their first act of Mercy and I am SO happy I was 'talked into' this job.

James and I took the kids over to the local homeless shelter where they were to help the kids at the shelter make Valentines. They also passed out "goodie bags". Our group consisted of 3 boys and 4 girls who attend 3 different area schools. I had never been to a homeless shelter and I just didn't know what to expect, neither did the kids.

I was SO PROUD to be with this group of young adults! They were just phenomenal! The little boys at the shelter just hung on every word our young men said. Our guys helped the little ones with their Valentines, drew 'tattoos' on their arms and talked about the TV shows they all watched. They were so gentle and kind, I seriously had trouble not welling up in tears.

Our girls were just as wonderful. They jumped right in with the little girls - stamping hearts on Valentines, getting themselves covered in glitter glue and loving every minute of it. Our girls got a bit of a shock though, when Jeri (one of our girls) asked a little girl who she was making her Valentine for. The response? "I'm making it for my Mom, she's dead but I'm gonna put it at her grave so she knows I made it for her."

Wow, how's that for life smacking you in the head?!

I know that teenagers get a bad rap sometimes, but watching this group of kids really gave me a good feeling about the future, and their futures. They are just so compassionate and kind. I am so impressed and so honored to know all of them.

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