Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Significant Snow Event and Other Lies

It's a damn embarrassment that 2 inches of snow is a Significant Snow Event here in Virginia. It's an insult to our friends in Alaska, Michigan, Oregon and Massachusetts who have struggled with FEET of snow and ice storms that knock out the power for days! I humbly apologize on behalf of my whimpy statesmen and our overly excitable TV weathermen.

Maybe you can tell that today was a snow day for us?! This greatly alters my morning routine. The first and most important alteration comes in the form of me getting a morning shower... while there's still hot water!!! Mind you, this heavenly shower is not without it's interruptions. Josie came in first, wanting to hop in the shower with me although she was still fully dressed in her footy pajamas. Next came Maddie, wanting to know how the new shower was working out for me. Then, the two dogs came sniffing around, waiting for me to get out of the shower so they could lick the water from my legs. Finally, my darling husband came in to wrap me in a warm towel as I stepped out. It's nice to be loved.

Second alteration to my routine came when I went downstairs to turn on Sesame Street and instead was greeted by the sounds of Mary J. Blige on VH1. Niiicccceee. My oldest daughter is showing great promise in her music selections. Perhaps we'll make it through the teenaged years without arguments...about music anyway.

So. It's a bit after 8AM and the nearly two inches of snow/slush that fell last night is already melting. This is a tragedy because we have, here in front of our house, what could possibly be the best sled run in the region. You start at the top of the hill as you enter the gates.

From New Album 2/1...

You build speed as you decend, and then take a tight hairpin turn to the right and continue on down toward the golf course.

From New Album 2/1...

Of course, parents are posted at the top of the hill and at the curve to ensure cars don't interfere with the fun. We were hoping for some sledding today, but alas, our community plow is far too efficient, and the hill has already been plowed and salted. We need to find a 'natural' alternative..a nice hill that doesn't get plowed.

When I was little, and living in Philadelphia, we had 'Cemetary Hill'. Now, I know it sounds like this hill was named by a bunch of kids with big imaginations, but it truly was a ....cemetary hill. Each year there were more tombstones to dodge, but you couldn't beat the incline. Nor could you beat the comraderie. Every Dad in our neighborhood loaded up the station wagon with kids and we all headed out for a full day of racing downhill, runny noses and the occassional collision with said tombstones. It was a blast!!!

So, instead of being outside enjoying the frosty air, we are trapped indoors. Packing....

Oh, yes! Did I forget to mention that in just about 48 hours we are sooooo outta here?!?!?!? Headed to warmer climes, my friends! We are off on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean, compliments of my wonderful parents! The whole clan, 15 in all, will enjoy Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel, Mexico and Jamaica among other warm and toasty places!!! Cannot Wait!!! Can't wait to see Josie in the little bathing suits I bought her, either!! So, here's another frosty picture for us to comtemplate while we prepare for warmer days!!

From New Album 2/1...

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Susan Stevenson said...

I always tell folks about Cemetery Hill! What great memories we made!

Enjoy your cruise. I'm sure the warmth will be welcome. I could use some warmth myself. :)