Monday, April 28, 2008

A Look at the Future - A Hard Hat Tour

Yesterday we participated in a "hard hat" tour of Maddie's new High School. The entire family, including Dave & Janina, laced up boots and donned the lovely headgear to explore the site. This school is going to be AWESOME !! State-of-the-Art EVERYTHING !! It is the first High School to be built by the Archdiocese of Arlington in over 20 years.

We started out with a short introduction by Sister Mary Jordan, who will be the Principal of the new school. We were then led on a tour by the Project Manager. The school is 4 stories, with a theater, two level gymnasium, band room, chapel, 10,000 volume library, computer labs, biology labs and an interactive class room below the chapel. I am so thankful that Maddie will attend this school. Fourteen years ago, I never dreamed we would be this fortunate. I have to give proper credit and thanks to my wonderful husband who has had amazing discipline in saving for both our girls education. Because of him, both our girls will have the opportunity to benefit from everything a great education provides.

Here are some shots of our tour:

Sister Mary Jordan gives an overview in the library/ Shot of the entrance from inside the lobby

The chapel (taken from the third floor) / Fourth floor corridor

The chapel from the second floor

James & Josie explore the theater

The cafeteria - it overlooks a wooded area, the football stadium to the left and the baseball field to the right.

The gymnasium 'sky box'

The view from one of the English classrooms

A view of part of the facade/entrance of the school

Maddie and Janina LOVE the headgear !

Josie was a bit cranky, but James & Dave enjoyed the tour

Janina, Sr. Mary Jordan & Maddie at the end of the tour


Ayer participó en un "casco" gira de nuevo Maddie's High School. La familia entera, incluida Dave & Janina, laced y botas hasta la hermosa donned sombrerería para explorar el sitio. Esta escuela va a ser AWESOME! State-of-the-art TODO! Es la primera escuela secundaria para ser construido por la Arquidiócesis de Arlington en más de 20 años.

Comenzamos con una breve introducción de la Hermana Mary Jordan, quien será el principal de la nueva escuela. Nos llevaron luego a una gira por el Gestor del Proyecto. La escuela es de 4 pisos, con un teatro, dos niveles gimnasio, salón, capilla, biblioteca de 10000 volúmenes, laboratorios de computación, laboratorios de biología y una sala de clase interactivo por debajo de la capilla. Estoy tan agradecida que Maddie asistirá a esta escuela. Catorce años atrás, yo nunca he soñado que sería esta suerte. Tengo que dar crédito adecuado y gracias a mi maravilloso esposo que ha tenido la disciplina en asombroso ahorro para nuestros educación de las niñas. Debido a él, nuestros dos niñas tendrán la oportunidad de beneficiarse de todo lo que una gran educación proporciona.

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Susan Stevenson said...

What an excellent school! Beautiful and an amazing opportunity for your girls. I love your photos. They would be perfect for the newspaper. You would make an excellent photojournalist. :)