Wednesday, April 2, 2008

30 Pounds of Fury

So, here she is - in all her glory! Josie had her 3 year old Check-up today. I am thrilled to report that she is doing fantastic! In the past year she has grown 2.5 inches, gained 3 pounds and a few ounces and increased head circumference by 2 cm. Yeah Josie, Way to Grow!!

Her actual stats are: 36 inches tall, 30 pounds and 48 cm head circumference. Doctor says she is very advanced in her speech and her knowledge of basic preschool stuff - colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. She was able to perform (with some prodding) the basic functions the Doctor asked of her... Can you jump? Can you tell me what colors are on this sheet? Can you name one of your friends? What is your first name? What is your last name? How old are you?

Funny thing was, when asked "How old are you?" Josie answered "Eight" , which of course, is her favorite number. And there I was telling the doctor what a smart kid I thought she was... Oh well.

I asked all the questions I had been saving up... mostly about how much/how long she might need to be in preschool. I have Josie registered for preschool starting in the Fall. I haven't found out yet if she was put into the Tuesday/Thursday or the M/W/F class. The doctor felt that the most important thing about preschool is learning how to socialize and to work in a group. So she said either class should work fine for Josie.

The ONE THING the doctor couldn't tell me was HOW to make Josie keep her pants on!!! This child is driving me crazy with her unwillingness to stay clothed !!! Yesterday, I put her pants on 5 times... 5 Times!!! Any suggestions on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Until next time....


Susan Stevenson said...

My Brandon loved to go through the day sans pants! LOL I'm happy to report that he outgrew his aversion to pants by the time he went into 1st grade, which saved both of us a lot of embarrassment.

At least the warm weather is coming soon. You can put Josie in pretty sundresses with matching panties - or don't they make those any longer?

OH MY #6 said...

Awesome! I am sure have a great mom helps!


RamblingMother said...

Let her run around without them unless you are outside or at a store. At least it won't drive you crazy putting them back on.

Susan said...

Ni Hao from another Hubei Mom! I've followed Susan's journal in Alaska, and found out you knew each other as children?! Josie is precious! Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Our Elizabeth was born 11.13.04 so it looks like they are fairly close in age.