Friday, April 25, 2008


Our friend, Dave, is visiting from California. Dave usually visits us this time of year and we always have fun. Today, while James was teaching Junior Achievement classes at Maddie's school, Dave & I had the opportunity to play hopscotch with Josie. There is a reason why all kids love Dave - he is always game for a game!

Here's Dave & Josie playing together - in other words, Josie telling Dave how to play !!

Once Josie was satisfied that Dave knew what he was doing, they paused to check out some of the caterpillars on the front steps:

In other news:
Janina seems to be adjusting well to being here in the U.S. She is able to chat with her parents and friends on-line every night so I think that helps with any homesickness she might be experiencing. On Tuesday, Janina and the other exchange students took a trip to Mount Vernon.

On Wednesday & Thursday, Janina was a huge help to me as I shuttled Maddie and her a few of her teammates to their soccer games. I'm pleased to report that Maddie's team won both games (5-3 and 4-0) and Maddie scored a goal in Thursday's game!! Yeah Maddie!! Go Crusaders!!

Today, the girls all met at a local mall and enjoyed an hour or two of shopping. Ecuador's currency is the US dollar, so the girls were all very savvy about their spending. Again, I just have to comment about how lovely all the girls are. They are so sweet and funny. I'm learning that language is not the only way to communicate - smiles, hugs, laughs and flying hand gestures seem to get all our thoughts across that barrier!

We are really enjoying our time with a full house of friends!

Para la familia de Janina: ¡Gracias mucho por su email! ¡Amamos verdad a su hija! ¡Ella es una señora joven maravillosa!

Janina parece estar ajustando bien a está aquí en los EEUU. Ella puede charlar con sus padres y amigos en línea cada noche tan yo pienso que eso ayuda con cualquier morriña ella quizás esté experimentando. El martes, Janina y los otros estudiantes del cambio hicieron un viaje para Montar Vernon.

El miércoles & el jueves, Janina fue una ayuda inmensa a mí como yo shuttled Maddie y ella algunos de sus compañeros de equipo a sus juegos del fútbol. ¡Soy complacido para informar que el equipo de Maddie ganó ambos juegos (5-3 y 4-0) y Maddie rayó un objetivo en el juego del jueves!! ¡Sí Maddie!! ¡Vaya a Cruzados!!

Hoy, las chicas todo encontrado en un paseo local y disfrutó de una hora o dos de compras. La moneda de Ecuador es el dólar de EEUU, así que las chicas fueron todo muy práctico acerca de su gasto. Otra vez, yo acabo de tener que comentar acerca de cuán encantadoras todas las chicas son. Ellos son tan dulces y graciosos. ¡Aprendo que ese idioma no es la única manera de comunicar - las sonrisas, los abrazos, las risas y los gestos voladores de mano parecen conseguir todos nuestros pensamientos a través de esa barrera!


Julie said...

Wow - You have a FULL house! I wish I had known you were close to DC - it seems like I should have known that but I guess I didn't... I would love for Josie and Emma to meet. Coming South anytime soon??

OH MY #6 said...

great pics!

Enjoy that busy house of yours!