Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I'm sorry that I didn't update this blog over the holidays, for those of you who actually check... Our holiday was very low key. We travelled to Philadelphia on Christmas Day to share dinner with Suzanne, Greg and the boys; Mom & Dad; and Claudine. We had a very nice time and I was excited to see all the upgrades Sue & Greg have made to their house since purchasing it over the summer. Dinner was fantastic - Rib Roast and Yorkshire pudding. My Mom's Yorkshire pudding was absolutely perfect - a feat I have yet to accomplish. Yummy!!!

Anyway, we headed home around 7:30 Christmas evening. By the time we arrived back in Virginia, Josie was running a 104 degree fever. I had noticed the small cough she had the previous day was getting more pronounced and 'tighter'. The morning of the 26th found Josie and I in her doctors office, while James took Maddie to the airport. Maddie spent the 26-Jan1 at her friend Leah's house in Michigan. Josie's strep test was negative so the doctor advised us to just 'rough it out' with the virus that Josie had contracted. Thankfully, the chest cold that Maddie had caught was done with her. However, James and I found ourselves susceptible to both the viral and bacterial "tiny little germs" (as Josie calls them). I was able to take care of all of them until I finally succumbed on the 27th. Being sick is just the worse. I had a fever for 3 days and it still feels like I'm breaking ribs when I cough. Yuk!!

Anyway, I hope to provide some photos of our Christmas once I get them downloaded. I want to thank all of you who sent us Holiday greetings and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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