Friday, October 26, 2007

"Big Sisters are Mean" ~ Josie, Oct 26, 2007

While I was downstairs trying to learn my new scrapbooking software, Maddie and Monica were upstairs giving Josie a new hairstyle. Given, Josie loves the attention from the 'big kids' - but I think she's starting to catch on to the "Never-let-your-big-sister-mess-with-your-hair" rule pretty quick.

Above you will see my first attempt with the iRemember software. It took me about an hour...I know, I'm no rocket scientist - but at least I'm giving it a shot!!

Just to be sure you don't think I'm one of those permissive and unobservant moms - I insisted that Monica and Maddie give Josie her bath, complete with shampoo! One less job for me tonight. They all survived, wet and happy!

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Susan Stevenson said...

Hahahahahaha! Thank you SO MUCH for the huge laugh tonight! This entry made me laugh out loud. I had to show it to Steve, who thinks your Josie is absolutely adorable - even with her newest hair style. LOL