Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween this year! Josie caught on to the whole "I knock on the door and get candy"routine. And boy, was she unstoppable once that happened! She led the charge up the hill to all our neighbors houses with me, Maddie, Marty, Joey, Glenn and Justin trailing behind.

It could have gone the other way... At 10PM on Monday night Maddie handed me a list of things she needed for her costume. I had been telling her for 6 weeks that I was not buying her a costume. Guess she thought I was joking. Monday was when she finally 'got' it... hence the short list of accessories she needed for her 'homemade' costume. I told her there were 100's of costumes you could make with an old sheet. I then repeated the story of how, as kids, we all came up with our own costumes. I also told her the story of one of the kids from my old neighborhood named Eddie Pudlow:

Every year, Eddie Pudlow was the same thing. Every year Eddie Pudlow poked two holes in a sheet and put a necktie around his neck. Every year, Eddie Pudlow was a businessman ghost. And, every year, Eddie Pudlow got just as much candy as the rest of the kids in the neighborhood!!! Maddie has grown tired of my stories...!

So, anyway...I spent an hour with a hot glue gun yesterday afternoon fashioning Maddie's laurel wreath headpiece. She loved it! (Thank God!) The only remaining hurdle for Maddie to have a completely happy Halloween was to somehow figure out how wearing a bedsheet could be slenderizing! There's a lot of bulk in a queen sized sheet... Ah, the teenaged years...what fun!!!

Josie provided all the cuteness and laughs for our Halloween. She had been talking about her Minnie Mouse costume for a month and when the time finally came to put it on she told us, "I don't wear those ears, Mom. I don't like the ears, Dad". We pleaded, we cajoled, we begged...all to no avail. I did get her to at least hold the ears near her head so I could get some photos...the slide show of that is below.

Hope your Halloween was just as fun as ours!

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-m- said...

Too funny! But great costumes!!! One of ours was manufactured on 10/31, so I know what you mean.. Hectic! Crazy! Fun :)