Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dogs, Rocks and Josie

Our youngest Jack Russell Terrier, Carson (a.k.a. Bubba) has a horrible habit of digging up rocks in the yard. It started a few years ago - he couldn't find a ball that was thrown to him so he dug up a rock and brought it back. We were expected to throw the rocks. If there is one thing to be said about JRT's it's that they have inexhaustable energy. They will fetch, run and play 24/7 if permitted. Ours are no exception.

Josie has a great time with the dogs - she learned how to throw by hanging out with them. They, in turn, are gentle with her - they don't jump up on her or try to take things from her hands.

The photo above is Josie holding a rock that Carson dug up this morning. It must weigh 2 pounds! I told Josie we can't throw that one to Carson because it might 'bonk' him on the head. Josie laughed - she loves the word 'bonk'!! I am also teaching Josie that where the dogs are concerned, she is the boss. She is learning to sternly say 'sit'! and the dogs are catching on.

Here's Josie telling Casey to sit! Casey obviously wants the huge rock- and Josie really wants to throw it... Thank goodness that Mom is on hand to prevent injury to both daughter and dogs!

Here are Casey and Carson waiting for Josie to throw the rock. They are on the lawn while Josie looks down from the deck - teasing them to no end!!

And here's Josie showing off the rock for Mom before we place it back on the railing of the deck...It's too big!!!!

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