Friday, May 4, 2007

Chocolate Donut

(Disclaimer: As a Mom who provides proper nutrition for my children, I DO NOT endorse the following events!)

Every Thursday morning in the Spring, James teaches Junior Achievement at Maddie's school. This means that he is NOT up and out of the house by 4:30AM. It's a special treat to have him home for breakfast during the week. Yesterday, being the thoughtful father and husband - James got up with Josie, got her dressed and headed out for Starbucks.

He picked up a latte for me, a hot chocolate for Maddie, a coffee for himself and a truly special treat for Josie - a chocolate donut. She loves all sweet treats, but the donuts hold a special place in her heart and belly. She only has donuts with Dad. You would think that a girl would be thankful, but Josie goes into "MINE" mode as soon as she gets her hands on the glazed wonders.

As you can see, she won't even share with her indulgent Dad!

She eats all the chocolate frosting off of the donut and then decides to be generous. "Here you go, Mom. Have some" Ahhh, thanks! But, No thanks Sweetie! Mommy's already had her quota of 'previously chewed' food today!

Now, who wouldn't want to share this tasty treat?!

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