Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Christmas Miracle !!

Josie sat on Santa's herself!!

She has been telling me for weeks, "I'm not sitting on Santa's Lap". Today, while at the mall, I had Maddie walk up with her. I told her that Maddie was a little scared. "Could you go with Maddie to make her feel brave?" I asked.

"Sure, Mom," was Josie's reply. She had just got up from a quick nap. I had the girls photos taken today for our Christmas cards and the place was running REALLY behind. As in, 'we-waited-for-an-hour-and-a-half-with-our-good-clothes-on' behind. I was not a happy camper. Neither was Josie by the end of the session.

Maddie was a trooper, but she's way too critical and hard on herself. She's a beauty, and a smart one too! Her smile can light up a room and she just doesn't see it. Out of 90 photos, we only managed to find 4 that we all truly liked!! I'll post those once my Christmas cards are mailed out...should be Saturday at the latest.

Hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday Season.


3 Peanuts said...

Josie looks adorable on Santa's lap! I cannot wait to see the Christmas card photos.


Susan Stevenson said...

What a cutie!!!!