Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Christmas Miracle !!

Josie sat on Santa's herself!!

She has been telling me for weeks, "I'm not sitting on Santa's Lap". Today, while at the mall, I had Maddie walk up with her. I told her that Maddie was a little scared. "Could you go with Maddie to make her feel brave?" I asked.

"Sure, Mom," was Josie's reply. She had just got up from a quick nap. I had the girls photos taken today for our Christmas cards and the place was running REALLY behind. As in, 'we-waited-for-an-hour-and-a-half-with-our-good-clothes-on' behind. I was not a happy camper. Neither was Josie by the end of the session.

Maddie was a trooper, but she's way too critical and hard on herself. She's a beauty, and a smart one too! Her smile can light up a room and she just doesn't see it. Out of 90 photos, we only managed to find 4 that we all truly liked!! I'll post those once my Christmas cards are mailed out...should be Saturday at the latest.

Hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday Season.


Kimber said...

Josie looks adorable on Santa's lap! I cannot wait to see the Christmas card photos.


Susan Stevenson said...

What a cutie!!!!