Saturday, November 24, 2007

James Is 46 !!

We have had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, it's been longer than a weekend - beginning this past Tuesday with the arrival of Grandmom & PopPop. The weather was just beautiful - in the low 70's. Maddie didn't have school on Wednesday, so we were able to accomplish a lot of the preparations in advance. This includes the preparations for James' birthday celebration.

James went into the office early that day, but left by 8AM to get in line at Balduccis in Alexandria, VA. It's the only place where we can get a 'fresh kill' turkey. Quite different than when we lived in Reading - we would just go to the farm the night before Thanksgiving to pick up our pre-ordered bird. True to form, Balduccis had a line around the store within 15 minutes of opening. We were glad that James was able to get in and out with our 23 lb. turkey!

After James' birthday celebration, Grandmom got Josie to help out with making the stuffing. The whole time she was helping, she was singing the songs from the Wonder Pets... "What's gonna work? Teeeeam Work!" She is, after all, the BEST helper EVER!

While all the excitement was going on at home during the day, James had an opportunity to detail the cars. PopPop played 18 holes on our golf course and returned home happy (he kept the ball in the fairway for the whole day!) and exhausted.

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