Thursday, June 14, 2007

How To Unintentionally Embarass Both Your Daughters In One Morning

First, you have your oldest daughter pose, with friend Jeri, outside of the school on the Last Day of 7th Grade. Do this while the carpool line streams by for maximum exposure. Then, have the girls smile politely while the other Moms stop their cars, roll down their windows and hold up their own cameras - and tell the girls what good sports they are! "See," I tell Maddie, "I'm not the only Mom who made their kid do this!"

Thanks, Maddie and Jeri, for being such good sports! You're both 8th graders now!!!

Second, with all good intentions, try giving your youngest daughter a 'trim' of her rapidly growning bangs. Poor Josie was strapped into her high chair so that Mom could try to even out the wispy pieces of hair that were growing too long - and into her eyes. As a reference point, check the photos of Josie posted last week - you can see the bits of longer hair that refuse to be brushed, gelled or styled to the side.

Here's Josie with the resulting hair style. It's not too bad, is it? James called this morning (he's out of town on business) and asked about how her hair looked. I told him it was a new style that I like to call the Chinese Mullet.

My most humble apologies to both my girls. Hopefully, you'll forgive me when you're older!

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