Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Look at Her Go!!

Sorry to those of you who check in for the Josie fix... Today, it's all about Maddie! (There are a few photos of Josie at the end though!) Yesterday was Maddie's next to last soccer game. Maddie has played soccer since she was 5 years old. It was a lot more fun back then...

Yesterday's game was very physical and unfortunately a loss for the team (their first this season). The parents of the visiting team were particularly nasty and showed a true lack of sportsmanship. Even the visiting coach got a 'talkin' to' by the ref.

The eighth graders were given roses by the coach and all will be recognized for their efforts at an Athletics Banquet on May 15th.

The entire team has so much to be proud of... best of all, they all had FUN and enjoyed playing. That's much easier to do when you're winning, no doubt!

I was able to take a lot of photos of the game, thanks to Janina who was just so wonderful in looking after Josie while I ran around!

Tonight is the Farewell dinner for Janina and her classmates. I think I am going to cry!


OH MY #6 said...

i am sure she feels the same. Enjoy!


3 Peanuts said...

That was a GREAT action shot (the first one).