Monday, August 13, 2007

Good News and Bad News

First I thought I would get the 'morning cuteness' out of the way. Here's Josie modeling Mom's shades early this morning. She's a movie star!

Here's Josie calling Casey in from the yard. She insists on playing her 'flute' when Casey won't come in. She goes out on the deck and blows that darn thing until the dog makes her way up the steps and into the house!

In case you're shots of Maddie because she has taken to sleeping late (10 or 11) in the mornings! By that time, my day is already half over! She has become a creature of the night!

And, now for the GOOD NEWS!!

The lost bag was found and delivered to our house last night.
Everything was still in it!
The beautiful bowl I picked out in Turkey survived unharmed:

And the BAD NEWS:

The plates I bought in Turkey did not survive:

I know many of you are thinking "What the heck were those things doing in your luggage?" Well, we didn't really have an option - travelling with 3 kids and having to take the train from the ship back to Rome left us with 'not enough hands'. We had intended to have the items shipped, but to ship them from Turkey would have cost more (actually 2x) the amount of the actual items. We were stuck.

It took just about a month to get the bag back. Considering that James has flown over 2 million miles with American Airlines, and this was our first lost bag - well, let's just say that we're thankful to have even gotten the bag back. The bag never actually left Rome...the handle that had the baggage ticket with flight information on it broke, thus there was no routing information for the baggage handlers to follow. It was our luggage tags - 3 of them - that got the bag returned.


Susan Stevenson said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to see your plates didn't make it. Where you going to use them or just keep them for display? Is there anyway that gluing them back together would make them presentable for displaying? What a shame. They are beautiful!

Michele said...

I was going to hang the plates in the guest room - I'll use the bowl in the kitchen. Maddie and I are going to try to glue 2 of them - but the one still in the bubble wrap was a complete loss! We used our AMEX card to purchase them, so we have buyers protection. However, I don't feel that money will compensate for the sentimental value of them. We had such a wonderful time meeting and negotiating with the shopkeeper...we spent a little under 2 hours in the shop sharing tea - he even gave Josie a special gift...Oh well.

BTW - A hardy congratulations to you my friend on your FIVE ribbons at the fair!!!!! The photos that won were spectacular - as are all of your shots!!Boy, we sure had a lot of unknown talent on Tomlinson Road!!!! - M xoxoxo

tiffany said...

What about making a mosaic piece out of the pieces. They are too pretty to toss out!

Just came to your site from Loving Lydia. We have 2 lovely Hubei cuties (and a handsome Yunnan boy) and always like to see these special kiddos. :)