Saturday, July 7, 2007

Safe at Sea

Rome 7/7/07 9:57 AM

We're having connection issues so I can only post a few photos at a time!

Hello everyone. We’re out to sea, having arrived on board the Legend of the Seas at 4PM on Friday. Of course, it wouldn’t be vacation if there weren’t some sort of delay. Our train departed Termini Station in Rome about an hour late. We had reserved a First Class compartment and found that while spacious, the term ‘air conditioned’ is still a relative term in Europe.

Our stay in Rome was idyllic and we are now looking forward to our first port of call – Mykonos. There are a lot of Europeans on this particular cruise – more than we saw on our last. There is also a huge Brazilian group – numbering in the hundreds. There are so many Brazilians, in fact, that all ship announcements are made in English and Portuguese!

Once we checked into our cabins yesterday we made our way up to the 9th deck to scope out the pool. The mentioning of the large group of Brazilians is not incidental, given that the first sight that greeted us on the pool deck was a large number of elderly, balding men with large bellies dressed in very small Speedo bathing suits. Yuk, Yuk and double Yuk!

I’m happy being here on board, knowing that I have at least another 24 hours before having to worry about misplacing a kid or being temped by pricey wares on shore.

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Susan Stevenson said...

I just had to laugh out loud about the speedo men! Make sure you don't burn your retinas seeing stuff like that! LOL

Have a great time!