Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Safari Park Adventure

Today we took a family road trip. The weather has been HOT, so we decided to head for the cooler air of the Blue Ridge mountains, a mere 3 hour drive from our home. I found out about the Safari Park on the blog of my friend, Kim, who has since taken her blog private. She and her family live MUCH closer to the park, but I would never had known it existed if not for Kim.

I'm not much for road trips... I'm a nervous passenger ("backseat driver", if you insist on being technical!). James usually grabs the kids and goes - leaving me behind in blissful silence. But, I had a stern talking with myself and decided to tough it out. I'm so glad I did!

We had a ball! The drive through the safari park is slow and very entertaining. We took Josie out of her car seat so she could easily feed the animals. She was very excited by the prospect of being up close and personal with the animals, but the reality was quite different! She would scream, "I want to feed the zebra!" So, we would stop and Maddie would help her put her feed bucket out the window to attract the animals. Once an animal approached the car, Josie would squeal with delight and get as far AWAY from the window as possible! "You do it, Maddie!" All the while, she was laughing and literally jumping for joy on the backseat!

Josie was really great at finding the animals we saw in the guide handed out by the park. I was amazed that she was able to find them so quickly and accurately!!

Here are a few of the animals we saw on the safari drive:

After we finished driving through the safari, we headed to the petting zoo and giraffe feeding station which was included in the $12.00 adult admission price. Here, we saw much more exotic animals...just not as close as the ones on the drive.

When we finally decided to head home, the girls were just great at keeping themselves occupied and entertained. They had a few Hershey kisses and used the wrappers to give themselves some 'grillz'. The girls say, "Peace out, Dog!"


Donna said...

Wow! Awesome photos! That kangaroo one cracks me up (all those extra legs!) but the snake one is kinda creepy! How did you get so close!!??

You should moonlight as a photographer for National Geographic!



OH MY #6 said...

great photos! But, I couldn't handle them so close! Oh I am getting stressed thinking about it.

Hope u r well.


3 Peanuts said...

Isn't that place WILD? I am glad you went and it looks like you had fun! Your photos are fabulous! I opened my blog back up. It has been crazy busy here but I got your e-mail the other day. We are moving! I will e-mail you soon:)


Ashton said...

The pix are precious!! I especially love the last one!!