Friday, June 6, 2008

Let the Spoiling Begin!!!

James' parents arrived from California yesterday afternoon. Josie has been asking me every morning when she wakes up, "Are GungGung and MaMa coming today?" Well, they're finally here!

Today, James and Josie took them to Monticello. It is EXTREMELY hot and humid here, so everyone returned home a bit spent. Here are the photos from their outing.

Tomorrow we are having a cookout with our neighbors to celebrate Maddie's 8th grade graduation. Looking at the forecast, however, makes me think that while we will cook-out - we will eat-in. It's supposed to be 90+ degrees with very high humidity. The heat index is expected to be 105 degrees. Already I can't wait to get to Alaska!!!


Susan Stevenson said...

Right now the sun is shining and it's 66F with only 30% humidity! And this is our summer. When I woke this morning it was the low 50s - perfect weather for a walk around the yard with my pup. Of course my blood is nice and thinned down now... and I've got the AK padding to keep the chill off. *grin*

OH MY #6 said...

how sweet!

It is nasty, hot and humid here in Toronto too!

Enjoy my friend.