Saturday, March 29, 2008

Josie and the PussyCats ?!?!

When we joined Andrew and Donna at their home for dinner on Wednesday night, little did we know the treats that awaited us! First: their beautiful home; Second: the great Chinese food; Third: the great conversation (our husbands are both "scary smart" guys); Fourth: meeting Michael (who is 10x more handsome in person!) and finally, the after dinner entertainment!

Ladies and Gentlemen ! Introducing....

On Guitar: the Rockin' Miss Maddy T

On the Other Guitar: The Soulful Miss Gwen

Making her way to the Stage: Jo-Jo on Piano

Here's a slideshow of their hilarious performance, dutifully captured on film by all adults present. (There is no musical accompaniment for the show, as it would have sounded something like screaming cats and nails on chalkboard!)

Josie and the PussyCats (A.K.A. The Happy Monkey Band)

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